How to Calculate Weighted Grade: A Complete Guide (2023)

Calculating weighted grades is an important part when the different numbers you are working with have different values. In some cases it is not enoughhow to calculate gradesto assess your academic performance as this does not work for some educational institutions. They consider the number reflecting a weighted grade to be more accurate and relevant as it reflects the weight of each assignment and academic activity. Such a request adds additional troubles to the requester as the calculation is a bit challenging and complicated, but not too much. If you don't know how to calculate weighted grades, we're here to help. Read on for the simplest approaches to calculation. If we are talking about admission, it can be risky. better goCollege Admissions Writerdo the paperwork for you.

What is the weighted average: definition

The key feature of the weighted mean is that it is a calculated indicator of student performance that takes into account the importance of each type of work with an assigned value. How does it work? It is a teacher or the administration of the educational institution thatWeight' for each type of work, which is subsequently reflected in the point calculation. In other words, teachers sometimes give more weight to certain tests or assignments that they find most valuable. That means these jobs will contribute more to your final grade.

Read on to find out how to calculate your weighted grade, or let StudyCrumb's do the workweighted score calculator.

What is the difference between the weighted average and the GPA?

Before explaining how weighted grades are calculated, let's figure out the main difference between GPA and weighted average. Although the two look the same, they have their own distinctive features. SeekHow to calculate your grade point average, remember that it is the sum of all points divided by their number. You can easily calculate your average test scores and see what your final grade will be. On the other hand, the weighted average grade is calculated considering their weight, i.e. H. the importance coefficient of each work. Therefore, the number is a more objective indicator of a student's academic achievement.

The value can be chosen between 1 and 10 and is intended to show the importance of a given task. For example, the weight of the task is 2; Coursework is worth 6; The weighting factor for tests is 8, for an exam it is 10.

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How to Calculate a Weighted Average: The Easy Way

Now we will show you how to calculate your GPA. Each type of activity/task/academic assignment has its own fixed weight. And it is this weight that is used to calculate the mean score. By default, all tasks have a default weight of 1 and the system calculates the average score asarithmetic mean. If you set the weight for a job type other than 1, the system calculates a weighted average score with a new value that is reflected in the final score.

You can calculate the weighted grade using the suggested formulas:

  • The average grade = "the sum of the academic achievements multiplied by their weights" divided by the "sum of the weights"

If the average weights don't add up to 1 and you have a number of hours for each task/activity, there is another weighted average formula you can use:

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  • The average score = "the sum of the multiplication weight factors for a number of hours" divided by "the sum of all weights"

Monitoring:Compared to theDegree Curve, the weighted mean can be equal to the mean if all place weights are equal.

The average grade is in the grade book if it was recorded by the school management. If there is no such indicator in the student's textbook, then the weight of the work is not assigned to a specific task or the weighted average score is not used. Another reason could be the limited access for parents and students to see the average score. Parents should contact the school administration in this case. knowing by the wayhow to get good gradesyou should learn that too.

Weighted grade calculation: example

So let's look at the example of calculating the weighted average when the weights add up to 1.

First you need to collect the numbers you want to calculate. Let's say your total score is 74, 85 for the exam and 70 for your thesis.

So, to calculate the weighted score, you need to identify the weight value of each. All weights must add up to 1 (or 100%). Let's say the tests you take in class make up 25% of your overall grade. The exam accounts for 35% and the thesis for 40% of the overall grade.

Consequently, you must transform these percentages to use them in your calculations. To convert them, all you have to do is add a decimal point to the end of the percentage and shift it 2 places to the left. For example, 73% becomes 0.73. Converting your weight percentage to decimal gives you weighting factors that you can use in your calculations. Following this example, all your numbers will look like this:

Nutsweight valueweight factor
Graduation course project7040%0,4

After that, you need to multiply each number by its weighting factor. If the total score on the exam is 74 and accounts for 25% of the final grade, multiply 74 x 0.25. As a result, 74 x 0.25 = 18.5. Then do the same action with exam and term.Paper notes. Let's look at the table for a better understanding:

Nutsweight factorResult
Graduation course project700,428

The final touch is to add the resulting numbers together to find the weighted average.

18,5 + 29,75 + 28 = 76,25

Your overall grade in the subject is therefore 76.25%. Now you know all the steps to calculate the weighted average.

What are the specifics of weighted grades?

More and more educational institutions are beginning to assign weighted grades to different types of assignments and academic activities. What is the reason for that? What is their purpose? Aiming at an objective and 100% fair assessment of student achievement, teachers gradually use the special grading system with weighted criteria instead of the average grade to calculate the final grade for a specific course or class.

By assigning a weighted average to a specific academic activity, the importance of various assignments is configured, allowing the teacher to assess a student's work in the classroom, at home, and during a test. In this way, a maximum of precision and objectivity is achieved. Also, the student can prioritize their time more intelligently by knowing the weight of each academic task.

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Calculating Weighted Grades: Final Thoughts

If you've followed all the instructions, you've probably noticed that calculating the weighted grades is easy. Use one of our guides whenever you need themCalculate grades with percent.

If you still don't know how to calculate the weighted average without making a fatal mistake, then the best thing to do is to consult your professor or ask our academic writing service for help. In the second case, it is necessary to know all the weights of academic activities. After providing this data to our professionals, they will perform all the necessary operations and you will get the number in a few minutes. No involvement and effort is required from your side.

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28.06.2022 06:42

Hey! Is there a formula for calculating grades with different weights? I just need a simple formula to enter my numbers to calculate my overall class grade. Thanks very much!


02.08.2022 11h22

(Video) Weighted Average Calculation in Excel - Weighted Percentages - Student Grades Example

Hello Alice,

Here is a general formula you can use to calculate a grade with different weights:

X = (class 1 × weight 1 + class 2 × weight 2 + class 3 × weight 3 + ...)/(weight 1 + weight 2 + weight 3)

Plug your numbers into this formula and you'll get a weighted overall score.


08.07.2022 06:32

Hey! Can I calculate my weighted average if I'm missing a grade? I lost all the grades in my biology class and I have no idea if it makes sense to calculate the grade point average. It is possible?


08.07.2022 07:24

hello ron,

(Video) How Do Weighted Grades Work?

You can calculate your weighted average, but it's not fully representative. If a note is missing, just skip it. However, remember that your final grade will likely depend on how much of a grade you're missing.


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