Presentation Deck Meaning: What is a PPT Deck? (2023)

When creating presentations, we usually look for templates online for help and inspiration. We often come across terms that we have probably never heard of. And they can be a bit messy too. For example when people talk about itPowerPoint presentation (ppt presentation)the sliding platform instead of onefield coverage🇧🇷 To clear up some basic questions, here are 7 facts about a powerpoint presentation that we would like to share with you. Let's start with a basic one.

1 - What is a PowerPoint presentation?

The first of our 7 facts about PowerPoint presentations focuses on Microsoft's first computer-based presentation software. The term PowerPoint presentation simply refers to the slides that anyone can create on this platform. However, most people now use it to sometimes describe a regular aid in giving a presentation. In theory, however, we would call a collection of slides created in PowerPoint a PowerPoint presentation.

You may be wondering, but what about the "cover" part? Where does it come from? And it's our turn! Let's move to our next fact to clear this up.

2 - Why is it called ppt deck?

The term deck is used thanks to those old projectors that we called acetate decks. After all, this results in digital presentations. We cover a bit more about that in our8 Interesting Facts About Pitch Decks, if that helps.

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You can also think of them as if the slides were cards. And so they all become a deck of cards together, just like you would build a deck of cards. Back when we just had these big projectors to show something on a wall, you would stack the slides like a deck of cards.

It can also be helpful to think of your slides the way we think of a deck of cards. For meaningful and effective presentations, each slide should have a specific value and function, just like cards.

3 - Is there a difference between a presentation and a PowerPoint presentation?

First, let's be clear that this is all a matter of complicated and abused linguistics. Although everything we defined above is true, you will find people in different industries using words differently to express different concepts. As mentioned above, the combination "PowerPoint cover" is used to talk about a collection of presentation slides. It relates to them as a whole. Now this term can be used interchangeably with the word presentation.

In addition, you can also listen to the use of each word separately. As mentioned earlier, nowadays people often use PowerPoint to refer to any type of presentation. And this regardless of the software or platform on which the material was created. The word deck is most commonly associated with pitch decks that startups use to raise funds. Hope this helps clarify a bit.

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4 - How to create a deck in PowerPoint?

In order to create a platform in PowerPoint, you need their software. One of the limitations is that you have to do some downloads and learn a lot about the features and possibilities. And that has to happen before you can complete a great presentation. But you will get there eventually.

We definitely prefer Versionshared via the cloud for access from virtually anywhere. If you have a free version, we also recommend using itour modelsand our AI feature to customize presentations on the fly. Regardless of the software platform you use, however, your focus should be on predicting your goals and future structure in advance.

The key here is to set a clear goal of what you want to achieve with the presentation in order to get exactly what you want. This is the first step.

You just have to navigate through the tools to find the option to create a new presentation. Start adding content you need. Work on your design and finalize a great story to tell while presenting slides to the audience. By following these steps, you can complete your presentation work.

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5 - What should a PPT platform contain?

The great thing about working with presentation templates is that they answer this question in so many ways. A pre-formatted template includes titles, tips, and options. You should only take them as suggestions of exactly what goes into a PowerPoint presentation.

Apart from that, the content of a particular presentation depends on the topic covered. We cannot include the same facts, figures, or slides in a restaurant business plan template as we can in an executive report.

Fortunately, we have all kinds of templates in different presentations to help you, from academics to corporate, corporate to small business, marketing and sales. Just pick the right one and take it from there. Study each area thoroughly to ensure you have a solid foundation to start your new project. Once you've chosen a style, simply add the content to your slides accordingly!

6 - Can I fill my slides with text?

It's really better if you don't. One of the most important factors in a slideshow is that it is consistent. Therefore, avoid adding information just for the sake of adding. Even the most exciting or compelling data can be a huge distraction if it doesn't fit the topic of your presentation. Instead, do whatever you can to be a part of the story you're telling. As we said before, each slide should have a specific purpose.

When arranging your slides, also consider people's attention spans. Long presentations often fail because it's impossible to focus on the same setting, context, and person for long periods of time. Get straight to the point while keeping your presentation simple.

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7 - Can I change the format?

It's best to stick to a single format type throughout your deck. When you select a template, you will see that it is customized with the same patterns and colors from start to finish.

When creating a presentation from scratch, be aware of the changes the platform can make. Like autocorrections, presentation tools can sometimes automatically adjust font options, custom text size, alignment, and more based on various features you select.

Basically, try to always keep the same style. This includes font and color options for each slide. This homogenous appearance helps with the cohesion and integration that needs to be conveyed to your audience, not necessarily explicitly or consciously, when presenting your presentation.

Remember, the key with a PowerPoint presentation is to edit down, not up. Another great tip from our 7 facts about a powerpoint presentation is to write great titles for your slides that will grab your audience's attention and interest them in what you are sharing. With that in mind, pre-formatted headers, titles, and slide options are generally designed to be quick and easy to read. keep them like this

If you really think your slides can look more powerful than any template can deliver, there are other options. You don't necessarily have to risk a deck's quality on edits. through ourConsulting and design servicesFor example, we give presenters the ability for professionals to create beautiful, functional slides that will outlast any homemade upgrade. If you want to dig deeper, we share too5 Frequently Asked Questions About Presentation Design CompaniesYou might want to explore.

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