X4 Foundations tips and tricks for beginners (2023)

Make your journey through space easier with the help of these X4 Foundations tips and tricks for beginners.

X4-Grundlagen, Egosoft's latest space trade and combat simulator, is an exemplary space strategy that is as complex as it gets. New players can feel completely alienated by the game's overwhelming number of options and features.

Lest you end up liking this excellent game, here is a selection of the best tips and tricks for beginners to help you get started on the right foot in this unique space adventure. So follow our tips below and create your own space empire!

piloting and docking

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The game starts with you sitting in the pilot's seat of your first spaceship. At this point, the game offers a game controls tutorial that you should definitely follow. It shows you how to fly your spaceship so that later you can take full control of your ship.

Tip 1: Turn off autopilot

If your craft is controlled by the Flight Assist computer, you must turn offPress Ctrl + Spacebarkeyboard shortcut. This is the essential first step that will allow you to pilot your ship manually.

Tip 2: Pier at the train station

Once you've taken control of your ship, you can dock at your first station, which can be found on your world map. Go to the station and askEnable docking by pressing Shift+D.

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This is possible at the train station.hire a pilot/captain and other personnelfor your boat. However, make sure you hire a captain to run the ship first so you can focus on other things.

Find and accept quests

After the first steps, you need to find a way to earn money. The best way to earn money early in the game is by finding and accepting quests from NPCs.

Tip 3 – Scan Stations for Available Missions

When you approach a space station, you mustopen your cardand choose theAvailable Missions tab.in the menu on the left. There you will see the mission types available at the station.

But the best way to make a lot of money quickly is activation.Scan mode near station by pressing Shift + 2. This allows you to intercept secret missions that offer much greater rewards than generic missions.

You can also collect space cash rewards by discovering themCrystal clusters, lockers and data vaultsThey are randomly generated in space in raster mode.

Acquisition of new boats.

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After completing your first few missions and collecting some money, you can buy a new ship. Depending on your income level, you can buy:

  • small to medium tomorrowemTap
  • Large ships and aircraft carriersemshipyards

These ship trading stations can also be used to sell and upgrade your ships.

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Tip 4: Buy the best boats

Different factions offer different types of ships in their shipyards and shipyards. The best and fastest M-class ships in the game are:

  • Vanguard Osprey(Teladi Company, Alfa Profit Center)
  • Guardian Osprey(Treasury Department, eighteen billion)
  • Nemesis Vanguard(Reino Divino do Paranid, Trinity Sanctum)
  • Guardian Nemesis(Holy Order of the Pontiff, Holy Vision)

Tip 5 – Upgrade your hardware

Commercial shipyards and shipyards allow you to add or remove certain parts of your ship. If you started with a small or medium combat ship, it is recommended to upgrade it with:

  • Fight the main engines and thrusters.
  • Cannons and rocket launchers on the front mounts
  • Medium turrets for M-class ships

Tip 6: Update your software

The two most important software updates for your boat are:

  • docking computer: automatically corrects your ship's position during the docking process
  • long range scanner- Allows you to detect stations and other small objects, including lockers and data safes, up to 200 km away

Tip 7: Hire new crew

When you buy a new ship, you can hire new crew, includingMarines and service personnel. Marines are especially useful in combat and when boarding other ships.

You can select the number of crew from the menu on the left and "Add to shopping list'in the menu on the right to complete your purchase.

capture and boarding of ships

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When you finally have a well-upgraded battleship with marines on board, you can start capturing and boarding other ships. Boarding smaller ships is really easy, while doing the same with an aircraft carrier is a much more difficult task.

Tip 8: Capture a small ship

If you attack small ships in space, their owners will usually abandon them immediately. This will make it very easy for you to capture and possess the ship.

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How to do it:

  1. the right mouse buttonon the abandoned ship
  2. order a navygo aboard the ship
  3. claim ownership withboarding capsule
  4. Assign the marine as a pilotfrom the boat

Later, it is advisable to hire a new pilot for the ship and bring the Marines back aboard their battleship.

Tip 9: Build a fleet

If you have several combat ships in your possession, you can create a squadron with a squadron leader by following these steps:

  1. open thismenu do mapa
  2. Orunassigned shipseyelash
  3. select shipsyou want for your fleet
  4. the right mouse buttonon your main warship
  5. To chooseassignment
  6. To chooseDefend this leader

In this way you create your own fleet, which can now attack and embark on larger ships.

Auto Trading and Auto Mining

When you have more ships in your possession, you can allow some of them to do auto-trading or auto-mining missions for you. With this feature, you can send trade ships to other galaxies, which will automatically bring you profit.

Tip 10: Build a merchant ship

Go to any dock and buy a small or medium merchant ship. update it withBusiness Computer Extensionsoftware and assign it a pilot. You can assign the ship for auto trading.

How to configure it:

  1. Ormenu do mapa
  2. Openunassigned shipseyelash
  3. the right mouse buttonon your merchant ship
  4. To chooseInformation
  5. the right mouse buttonin the galaxy of your choice
  6. To chooseAuto trade (Galaxy)
  7. OrBehavior tabno menu on the left
  8. Add/Remove Assetswant to trade

Tip 11: Create a mining ship

Automining basically works the same as autotrading, but you have toReplace all instances of auto trading with auto mining.

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So, the first thing you need to do is buy a mining ship, assign a pilot to it, and follow the same steps as above, but for automatic mining.

build your own stations

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In the later parts of the game, you can start building your own space stations. This is a huge task, so spend a lot of time planning and building your station.

Tip 12: Get blueprints

Each space station consists of several modules that can be assembled into a single structure.Before creating modules you must get your blueprints.

There are three sources of blueprints in X4 Foundations:

  • faction representative
  • data leaks
  • Space suits and EMP

Tip 13: Claim a property

Once you acquire the necessary blueprints, you will be able to claim a piece of land in outer space. If you claim a sector within a faction's territory, you must pay taxes. If you refuse to pay them, the faction will try to destroy your station.

Follow these steps to claim a lot in the space:

  1. open yourmenu do mapa
  2. OrManage Charts Tab
  3. To choosenew plot
  4. To do this, use the sliders on the axis.Adjust batch size
  5. confirm by pressingCreate a new chart

Tip 14: Build your first station

Finally, you can start connecting your modules together to create a giant space station. Here is the list of all modules needed for your space station:

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  • Production: produces goods
  • Build: build, upgrade and repair ships
  • store: stores resources and goods
  • Reside: NPC Coats
  • defending: weapon module
  • Dock: Possibility of coupling


You should now be able to scale galactic levels very quickly using these tips and tricks for beginners and others.X4 Fundamentals Guides On GameSkinny, follow the links below:

  • This is how the subscription to the commercial offer works
  • How to find and manage crew members

Posted on December 14, 2018


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